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Site renewal! Updating translations, pages and products.
Site renewal! Updating translations, pages and products.

Temporarily Not Taking New Orders/ Website Renewal

Notice: We will not be taking new orders until January 1, 2022

Sorry for any inconvenience. We will continue to work on orders already made and ship orders, we will just not be accepting new orders. Any custom requests already received we will work on as well. We will be renewing our website and various other reasons (not health related). Our website will remain active, although it is under maintenance, just unable to take orders. January 1st 2022 we will re-open new orders. We will still be here and able to receive emails, the only change is that we are not accepting new orders temporarily.

Our response to emails are the same Monday - Friday 9:30 -17:00 our usual business hours, other times replies may be delayed until the next business hours. If you want to keep updated feel free to follow our Instagram or sign up for our newsletter. Thank you for understanding and we look forward to making your keepsakes. We hope you enjoy the rest of 2021 with your family and stay safe. Thank you for all your support. 

If you are finishing your breastfeeding journey and wonder how to hold onto your breastmilk if you want to order with us in 2022.

We can work with frozen breastmilk, so you can freeze it. It does not make a difference if the breastmilk is frozen or fresh for preserving and creating keepsakes. You can check our Breastmilk Questions and Answers for how much breastmilk is needed. We have had special cases where we have worked with drops or very little amounts as it was all the mothers had left. When we reopen for orders anything under our recommended amount we require you to contact us before ordering so we know and can explain the process for very small amounts. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns. 

Contact us 




ウェブサイトはリニューアル予定でメンテナンス中となりますが、閲覧は可能です。 202211日に新規注文を再開予定ですが引き続きメールは受信可能です。

メールの返信は、月曜日から金曜日の9:30 -17:00で通常の営業時間と同じですが、それ以外の時間帯は次の営業時間まで返信が遅れる場合がございます。最新情報を入手したい場合は、Instagramをフォローして頂くか、ニュースレターに登録してください。何卒ご理解とご協力をお願い申し上げます。 2021年の残り時間をご家族と一緒に楽しみ、健康にお過ごし下さい。重ねまして何卒ご理解とご支援をお願い申し上げます。







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