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Everlasting Necklace

Original price ¥17,100 - Original price ¥17,600
Original price
¥17,100 - ¥17,600
Current price ¥17,100

Limited while supplies last, 3 left. Supplier had them as limited edition and they looked too beautiful to pass up. 

Celtic knots are known for their everlasting knots that seem to have no start or finish. The one on this piece seem to tie in with the pendant making it a beautiful symbol of a mothers everlasting love for her baby. 

  • Can be made with or without the 2mm cubic zirconia set in the breastmilk gem. When set, you will see the clear spot in the back of the pendant as pictured, which allows the light to shine beautifully on it. (the breastmilk gem and cz are secured and coated) This is one of the few listings that are able to have a cz set into the breastmilk gem. 
  • Unique sterling silver 925 Celtic knot 
  • Approximately 24x8mm  
  • Breastmilk marquise custom made with your breastmilk 
  • Rope style necklace chain giving it some added elegance 
  • Special video preserving your breastmilk sent to your email before receiving the breastmilk jewelry. 

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