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Engraving FAQs

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    • All our engraving is done by hand so it is not machine perfect but one of a kind and done with care. Hand stamped engraving is deep and long lasting making it perfect for sentimental pieces.
    • You can choose to have enamel (the engraving colored) or not. If you choose enamel in time it may wear off. The engraving will always still be there. If the enamel wears off and you want it refilled in you can either pay for shipping and we can refill the enamel for you or you can DIY it and use an acrylic base pen to fill it in (just fill it in leave ten seconds and wipe off) 

    Engraving (Hand stamped) Q&A Section


    Q: Will the engraving wear off?

    A: No it is hand stamped meaning the metal is pushed creating a deep impression, the actual engraving will  not wear off although any color we put inside if requested may in time depending on how it is handled. 

    Q: Do you engrave both sides of the metal?

    A: No, unless it is listed that way. We hand stamp meaning usually there is slight displacement of metal on the back. If we stamp both sides and the metal is not very thick both sides will not look clean. 

    Q: Do you do custom requests with engraving beyond the listings?

    A: Yes, we can but sometimes we may not be able to do what you ask. It is always better to ask though than to never ask at all. We will do our best if we can or keep it in mind and possibly offer it in the future. 

    If you purchased only a custom engraved piece and no breastmilk jewelry....
    • All items are not returnable as everything we make is custom made, we will work with you though if you have any questions or concerns
    • Processing time will be much shorter when only purchasing a custom engraved piece without breastmilk, depending on our orders usually within 2 weeks.

    Engraving Fonts and Options



    Please note with hand stamp engraving there is usually a slight displacement on the back of the jewelry. It is completely normal and there is nothing any hand stamper can do to completely prevent this on fine metals. It does not effect the quality of your piece.  




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