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Site renewal! Updating translations, pages and products.
Site renewal! Updating translations, pages and products.

Why we don’t offer jewelry kits.

The reason Sakura Milk Jewelry does not offer kits is despite companies not highly advertising the health warnings of using resin, it is highly toxic before dried for you, your pets, and family. We are a family ran company and value the safety of everyone’s loved ones. When we make jewelry we use a heavy duty respirator mask, we work outdoors, use proper gloves, sealed goggles and fully covered skin. ( We use high quality epoxy resin for our works.)

Other companies offer kits, why is that?

We are a small family run business. The dangers of two part resin is not always widely known and labeling for resin can be tricky to figure out. (With deeper research even UV can be pretty toxic) Sakura Milk Jewelry chose not to provide kits for everyone’s safety. If you choose to buy a kit from somewhere else we highly recommend looking into the safety procedure for resin. 
This is not a video made by us but we think you may find helpful toward figuring out the safest way towards using resin if you still go the DIY route through another company,  USING RESIN BASIC SAFETY YOUTUBE VIDEO


When it comes to our loved ones we feel it is better safe than sorry. We apply this to our clients as well.