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Classic Silver Necklace

Original price ¥17,900 - Original price ¥17,900
Original price
¥17,900 - ¥17,900
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A necklace that is both classic and vintage-inspired, this piece of jewelry will be one to remember your special memories. With a silver chain and a timeless silver crown setting, it can't get any more stylish than this!


  • Sterling silver crown bezel that frames your breastmilk gem and gives it a vintage look.
  • Sterling silver chain
  • We will send you a special email with a video preserving your breastmilk before you receive your breastmilk necklace! 

Other Information

Basic Care : 

Do not use hand sanitizer on any keepsakes. Please check our care instructions page for more details on how to care for your accessory.


Jewelry is warrantied for a year if care instructions are followed. Find more information on our polices page about warranty.

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