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Every Drop Ring

Original price ¥19,990 - Original price ¥45,000
Original price
¥19,990 - ¥45,000
Current price ¥19,990

Every drop of breastmilk is a symbol of love.

The Every Drop Ring is a beautiful representation of the journey of breastfeeding. The ring setting was designed to represent all the times breastmilk helped fill your little one's tummy, and even the drops that missed out. It's not just a ring, it's a symbol of your breastfeeding journey. Every drop, every feed, and every cuddle.

  • The band is about 2mm thick and is rounded on the outside and flat on the inside so it fits comfortably. 
  • Unique drop setting is an original design that is about 5mm x 8mm 
  • Video preserving your breastmilk sent to your email before your receive your breastmilk jewelry. 


Sterling Silver 925

14k Yellow gold filled 

14k Rose gold filled with a sterling silver drop 

14K Yellow gold filled with a sterling silver drop 

14K Yellow Gold 


This design was sketched in 2020 by Sakura Milk Jewelry and at the end of 2021 finally ready for production. They are hand crafted by us, specially for breastmilk jewelry.  ( The drop setting may slightly vary in shape since they are hand made, making each one of a kind)

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