How to find your ring size at home using a metal ring size tool.

by Kaliah Nishiyama

ring size

If you are on this page you want to find your ring size at the comfort of home. Of all the home methods a metal ring size tool is the easiest way to find your correct ring size. If in doubt it is best to visit a jeweler. Sometimes nonprofessional metal ring size tools can be a few mm off from the ring size. Also keep in mind some peoples ring sizes change depending on the weather in summer your ring size may be one size bigger on a finger and in winter it could be one size smaller. It does not happen for everyone but it is best to check your ring size in comfortable temperatures and also be sure to keep in mind when wearing your rings. 

  1. Slide the rings one by one on your finger to search for the one that feels the most comfortable. It should not be too tight but it also should not slide off your finger easily. The proper size will not cause you any discomfort. Once you find the size you think is best move on to step two.
ring size tool
ring size tool example
      2.When sliding the ring off it you should feel slight tension on the knuckle (first joint) but still be able to get it off by wiggling it off with your finger straight. It should not be very hard to remove. Some fingers are thinner than others and some swell more. Make sure it will not slide off while wearing and that it will fit comfortably when you wear your ring.

Congratulations you found your ring size! 

Keep in mind sometimes ring sizes change a bit with temperature and seasons. Also sizes on different hands can differ so make sure you are checking the right hand and finger you want to find the size for.