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Site renewal! Updating translations, pages and products.
Site renewal! Updating translations, pages and products.


Q1:What is breastmilk jewelry (keepsakes) ? 

A: Breastmilk jewelry is jewelry infused with your breastmilk. We do not just simply pour breastmilk into it, it is a delicate process with some waiting involved. We first take the breastmilk carefully measure it out and mix it with some preservatives. We heat it up until it becomes a nice paste. After this we gently set it aside in a labeled open container to dry. It can take two to five days for it to dry. When dry we grind it into a powder and add it into your jewelry.

Q2: How do I know its my breastmilk in the piece?
A: We value your trust as well as the bond between mother and child. During the breastmilk preservation process we will take a video and send you the unlisted (private link) to the email address you list when purchasing. We enjoy sharing a video of your breastmilk jewelry being preserved, as we feel it is a way you can feel connected through the process. If at any time you loose the private link to the video you can let us know your name used to order and we will recover it for you. If you do not want the video being even unlisted we are happy to remove it for you if you request. We never share your preservation video link with anyone but you. Breastmilk jewelry is intimate for a mother, as it’s a symbol of her love for her baby, we find joy in making your piece and sharing the experience with you when we can. 
Here is a video example of what we send each client


Q3: How much breastmilk do you need?

A: Usually about 30 ml for up to 4 pieces if they aren't too large, or 40 ml for up to 6 not very large pieces. (Large: over 10mm) You can send a lot of just exact amount. We can work with as little as 5ml but first contact us and be sure to package it very carefully so that none of it will leak, we will need it all. You can message us if you have questions about amount of you do not have a lot but want a few pieces. 

Q4: How do I know where to send my breastmilk?

A: After purchasing on our website you will receive an email with the address and directions on where to send breastmilk in English and Japanese. You should receive this email within 24 hours of your purchase if you can not find the email check your spam folder or contact us so we can give you the information directly or resend the email. 

Q5: How do I send breastmilk?

A: You can send your breastmilk in a sealed breastmilk bag clearly labeled with your name used to purchase. Then place that bag in a zip bag that has all the air pushed out and sealed, incase of leaking it will be caught by the second bag. (here are photo examples ) To send breastmilk to us we recommend sending by cool ta-q-bin because if the breastmilk arrived very rotten we may have trouble preserving it and also it effects the image of the final piece it will reflect the rotten breastmilk rather than fresh one. If your breastmilk is a little spoiled it should not effect it greatly, so if all you have is old breastmilk feel free to contact us so that I am aware and prepared to work with it.  If you do want to send breastmilk by regular mail and it is not terribly hot outside. Send it by letter pack in the evening after the hottest part of the day, usually their shipping is rather fast. (Be sure to package it well) In winter usually this is fine. The color of your breastmilk may change though so if you want the original color to reflect in your piece cool taqbin is probably better. For example very white breastmilk will look brighter, if sent by regular mail it may yellow a bit in shipping. (check our shipping policy for more information on shipping)

Q6: What should I know about breastmilk jewelry before purchasing?

Each piece is hand crafted meaning it is not machine made and it will not be perfect but uniquely one of a kind. Even if we make the same exact piece twice it will not be the same. For example the color or shape may slightly vary. For only breastmilk colored pieces we do not add colorant so the thickness or tint of the color may be different even with the same breastmilk. I do try my best to preserve the breastmilks original essence and pay attention to detail. Also be aware sometimes there may even be small air bubbles in the pieces since they are hand crafted. Any characteristics like this will not effect the longevity of your piece. We do take pride in each piece and they have a warranty, visit our policies for warranty information.

Q7: How long does it take to have breastmilk jewelry and keepsakes made?

A: Usually 8 weeks from when we receive your breastmilk depending on orders. If we have any delays we will contact you to let you know. We ship with tracking so you will also get an email with tracking when your piece/pieces ship. 


Q8: What makes every breastmilk piece so different if you use the same process?

A: Some breastmilk has a higher fat content and it doesn't grind as fine. This is how each piece is uniquely like the breastfeeding journey it came from. Some are brighter some are thicker, others are thinner making it a fine powder. Every type is exactly what your baby needed in the time you produced it. We capture the essence of your breastmilk, and preserve the memory. We also cast and set by hand. Nothing is done by a machine we do everything with care and love, paying attention to all the little details, this also gives everything its own beautiful one of a kind touch. 

Q9: How to care for my jewelry?
A: Please check our care page for updated instruction on how to care for jewelry. 
Q10: Can you make a piece with breastmilk from different children's breastfeeding journeys? 
A: Yes if you have multiple kids and happen to have both the breastmilk batches we can mix them for preserving. If you want multiple pieces with it separate, one children's breastmilk per piece we can also do that. For multiple children's breastmilk please contact us ahead. 
Q11: Why do you not offer kits?
A: The curing part of making keepsake jewelry is highly toxic until it is dry. For you, your children, pets, and loved ones nearby. We are a family run business and value family and loved ones even of our clients. Yes other companies offer kits, is it safe? Our opinion is not without the proper safety measures.
It does take a special skill to make sure the breastmilk sets properly when casting and to make them beautifully. I cast myself and spend a lot of time sitting looking over each piece to make sure there are no major flaws and touching up where needed. I also make sure to set them very strongly with the proper tools as these are sentimental keepsakes. 

Q12: I ordered but want to add on to my order, is that okay?

A: You can add on to your order and have everything ship together (shipping fee waved for the add on) We send a discount code to do so in the order confirmation email.

Q13: Can I have solid breastmilk jewelry with no pearly or sparkly in it?

A: Yes, we understand pearly shine isn't always for everyone. You can have it with no effects and just breastmilk. 

Q14: Why are there different "Color" options?

A:It is easiest to explain this option under "color". By color we mean the look of the gem. The main color comes from the breastmilk but we can add an effect like a little bit of glitter or pearly sparkle in. We only add a little so your breastmilk will always be the star of the show. Pearly will make the keepsake look more three demential and shiny. Glitter is little silver specks that rest on the top giving it a bit of a moon like sparkle. 

Q15: Can I check up on my order status?

Yes, using your order number sent to you in your confirmation email you can check where your keepsake is in the process on our order status page. We update it as we work on your piece so that you can see what stage of the process it currently is in starting from when we receive your breastmilk. Order Status Page.

Umbilical cord Q&A

Q16: What do you mean by umbilical cord and why would I want that?

A: The little dark thing that dried up and fell off your babies belly button, we can take that and turn it into a keepsake. They can be hard to store and easy to get moldy in Japanese humidity. They are also small and easy to loose. when stored in a umbilical cord box we rarely see them and the box takes up a lot of space. The umbilical cord is what connected our babies to us in the womb, it may feel a little sad if you have it yet something happens to it. We have been told in some cultures they believe keeping your babies umbilical cord close it will keep your child close and that even in old age they will come back to you. Of course in a loving nice way. 

Q17: How do I ship my babies umbilical cord?

A: It is your choice what carrier or way you feel most comfortable shipping your babies umbilical cord. For information on how to package it refer to our post about how to package here. 

Q18: Do you need the entire umbilical cord? 

A: No, you can send us just a piece of it if you would like or the entire piece. We do not mind just adding some. Let us know though if you want your entire umbilical cord piece as one put into a keepsake so we can find the right size keepsake for your umbilical cord. If you do decide to send the entire piece if we have leftover we will careful package it with your keepsake and ship it back to you when we are all done. 

Q19: Can you add umbilical cord into breastmilk keepsakes? 

A: Yes, we have some listings already with the option to add a small bit of umbilical cord to. If you would like to see how it looks like, the white heart with dark specks is a umbilical cord and breastmilk piece here.


Q20: How do I know where to ship the umbilical cord?

A: After you have purchased you will receive an email within 24 hours with the address. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours please contact us so we can give you the information you will need or resend the email. Please check your spam mail too incase. 


Q21: Can you add my child's hair to my keepsake?

A: Yes, Most of our breastmilk listings have the option to add hair or umbilical cord to them. We can also do hair on it's own. 

Q22: Why would you want to add hair to a keepsake?

A: A child's first haircut is a major milestone to most parents. In America it is very popular to keep a lock of the hair as a keepsake to always remember those first milestones in our children's life. 

 Q23: Do you do other keepsakes?

A: Yes we can do a lot of different keepsakes. Pet hair keepsakes, Childs first haircut strand of hair, preserved flowers, and so on. You can contact us if you have a special request that isn't listed.

Other Important Information:

Your email address used to purchase is important, I will send the address to shipping breastmilk to the email you give us during purchase, small updates, and a breastmilk preserving video. You will also receive tracking information by email from yamato. If you have trouble using your email please contact us.