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Site renewal! Updating translations, pages and products.
Site renewal! Updating translations, pages and products.

About Us

I grew up in America and came to Japan after meeting my Japanese husband. My parents were always the sentimental type and would keep locks of hair from my first haircut and other special keepsakes. I could feel how much they treasured those little moments when they pulled out my keepsake box. It was only as a parent, I realized how quickly moments pass in motherhood. I knew when I had my first child, I would long to have something to look back on that would remind me of my breastfeeding journey. When I weaned my first child, I made my first breastmilk jewelry to commemorate that milestone. It is among my most treasured pieces of jewelry along side my engagement ring.

 My breastfeeding journey with my second child was a bumpier ride. I had him during the first peak of the pandemic. It was a long three day delivery with an even longer recovery. I hoped to breastfeed my second as I did my first but wasn't able to do so physically. A month after his birth we both had recovered and I was breastfeeding as I had longed for. At this time I created another breastmilk jewelry set and that is when Sakura Milk Jewelry really took off. 


I quickly learned I was not the only mother who wanted to memorialize their breastfeeding journey. Word started to spread and I enrolled in a jewelry academy to help further my jewelry craft. Ever since, I have treasured every opportunity a mother has given me to make them a special memento of their motherhood journeys. 

Why the name Sakura Milk Jewelry?
It has a lot of meaning to the creator. Sakura as a symbol of joy, new beginnings and celebration. Milk for the breastmilk. (As the shop started as breastmilk jewelry and expanded.) Jewelry for the jewelry and keepsakes that are made to memorialize a mothers love. 

Who else is on staff at Sakura Milk Jewelry? 
We have a Japanese assistant to help us keep up with the Japanese emails. She is also a mother and is passionate about our shop. She helps give Kaliah more time to craft your keepsakes.

Thank you for taking your time to learn more about Sakura Milk Jewelry.