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Site renewal! Updating translations, pages and products.

Umbilical Cord Ring

Sold out
Original price ¥14,500 - Original price ¥28,000
Original price
¥14,500 - ¥28,000
Current price ¥14,500

This listing is not for breastmilk. It is for other inclusions. 


Smooth simple round ring bad with an inclusion gem, clean and minimalist look. The minimalist umbilical cord or hair ring is versatile yet stunning, simple but beautiful. Behind every gem is a special story of moments to be treasured for a lifetime. 

Product details

  • Material: Rose gold-filled, yellow gold-filled, sterling silver, or 14k yellow gold
  • Gem: 5mm order made gem with pieces of your babies umbilical cord or/and babies hair (good first haircut keepsake) 

Gem base color is not glittery and a little translucent making it appear more like a natural gem and gives it a minimalist look. 

  1. Light pink (less translucent than the others) 
  2. Natural green 
  3. Blue 
  4. Red
  5. Purple
  • Since the gem is see through when held up to the light you can see your inclusions, in dark lighting it may not be obvious making it subtle yet precious. (Pink inclusions will show up more than the other colors because of the contrast)  
  • Example is 2. Natural green with some umbilical cord specks and a bit of hair from a babies first haircut. 

This can also be made as a pet keepsake to always remember and cherish your furry family member. 

Basic Care : 

Do not use hand sanitizer on any keepsake rings. Hand sanitizer is strong and will eventually eat away at the gem. Store jewelry in a dry, cool, dark place. Avoid exposure to any liquids perfumes or powders. Remove when cleaning, working out or showering. Do not keep in direct sunlight for extend periods of time. We use high quality materials meaning if you are rough on your ring the ring band may bend or scratch as gold and silver are soft metals. Solid gold will be the softest but also the longest lasting when treated properly. Sterling silver will tarnish when exposed to a lot of moisture. We include a polishing cloth so if this happens you can gently rub the setting. (Do not rub the gem with the polishing cloth the tarnish may transfer onto it.) We also send care instructions with every order. 


We can not resize rings once they are done.
To resize a ring we have to use a torch to heat it and exposing a keepsake gem to high heat like that will destroy it. We check the ring size a few times before making and shipping your ring.


If you follow care instructions we do warranty rings for a specific amount of time. After the warranty time we may be able to fix it for a small material fee depending on the situation. (more information in our Polices page about warranty)

Policies and Terms 

By purchasing you agree to our policies and terms We love making your memories into tangible keepsakes and to be able to do that we have policies and terms to make things smooth on both sides of the transaction. 


Other Information

Basic Care : 

Do not use hand sanitizer on any keepsakes. Please check our care instructions page for more details on how to care for your accessory.


We do warranty jewelry for a year if care instructions are followed. Find more information on our polices page about warranty.

Policies and Terms:

By purchasing you agree to our policies and terms


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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store's happy customers.

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