Care Instructions

How to care for your Jewelry

We use high quality materials but any jewelry can wear down in a rough environment. Avoid wearing while swimming, working out, showering or cleaning while wearing your jewelry. Constant direct sunlight can speed up yellowing in the jewelry. All resin yellows in time but it should take a long time with the proper care and doesn’t effect your preserved breastmilk beside the look of it. We do add UV blockers into it to help prevent it as well. Hand sanitizer will wear down gems so please avoid repetitive direct contact with hand sanitizer on your keepsake gem. (It actually can be damaging to use hand sanitizer on any jewelry) When storing your jewelry keep it out of direct sunlight, high heat, moisture or extreme cold. Keep it in a dark, dry and cool place.

To help avoid humidity we recommend storing your jewelry with a desiccant pack, this works well especially for being stored for prolonged periods of time. We include a small one for you to use until it wears out. To know when to replace your desiccant check if the blue silica balls have turned pink. If they have turned pink it is time to replace it. (You can buy a pack from Amazon or online by searching silica desiccant) For the best effect, gently pat your accessory dry then store it in a jewelry pouch/container with an active desiccant, lastly place jewelry pouch/container inside a zipped plastic bag.

If your jewelry setting has lost its new shine, you can polish the setting with the jewelry polish cloth which we include but avoid using any polishing solutions on your breastmilk gems or rubbing the gem directly with the cloth. (only use the polish cloth on the metal) Pieces should avoid being rubbed against any sharp surfaces, or under extreme pressure or being put in little mouths.  Silver and Gold are soft metals, so please be careful not to bend it and to treat it gently.

Each accessory now comes with an anti tarnish tab to help prevent tarnish and moisture in your accessory. When storing your jewelry keep the small black tab with your jewelry and when the black tab starts to change color it is time to replace it. Usually they last up to 12 months.

Other Information

If your item arrives damaged please contact us within 14 days so we can arrange fixing it. We warranty the jewelry/keepsakes for a year as long as you follow our care instructions and don’t miss use them. We want you to enjoy your keepsake. If your item is in need of repair like a broken chain, or managed to get a scratch. We can usually repair it for a material fee depending on the damage and situation. For other questions or concerns feel free to contact us as well.


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