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Site renewal! Updating translations, pages and products.
Site renewal! Updating translations, pages and products.

ring size tool

How to use the plastic ring size checking tool. 

(We are not responsible for mistakes in checking your ring size, please note varies in your finger because of hot or cold temperature. When in doubt you can go to a professional jeweler to check your ring size. This tool is to help you figure it out your ring size at home) 


1. Wrap ring sizer around your finger you want to checks size, sliding the end into the slot. Check carefully what number it comfortably points to still leaving enough space to go over your knuckle without being too tight or too loose. (Remember too in warm weather your fingers may swell and be larger) 


2. Slide the ring sizer over your knuckle keeping it on the number or redo what number it is on it too tight or loose and figure out what number is the best fit. 


3. Make sure when you take it if it’s still in the round shape of a ring and double check the size is the same as before sliding it off. 

You’ve found your ring size!
This process is not 100% on point but it is a lot better than other methods like using string or paper and if done correctly should result in finding the proper ring size. We are not liable for mistakes for you checking your ring size but want to offer this guide and option to help you find your ring size easily at home!