Breastmilk Jewelry for mothers

by Kaliah Nishiyama

Breastmilk jewelry makes the connection we have during breastfeeding something we can hold onto, even after it is over. 

breastmilk necklace
Mothers have been known to hold onto little trinkets to treasure the time spent with their babies. Now Mothers have a way to keep breastfeeding memories close to their heart, with breastmilk jewelry. Breastmilk jewelry is a type of jewelry made from the customers breastmilk and then set into rings, brooches, necklaces or more. Breastfeeding is such a big part of our babies first months with us. Yet it goes by so quickly. Mothers cherish those moments forever, and what better way than with breastmilk jewelry!

Surprising and Special

We take the extra time to send every customer a video of her breastmilk being preserved. Not many companies do this because it takes extra time and effort. Sakura Milk Jewelry is a mother owned business and we know how important it is for mothers to see their breastmilk being preserved, so they can experience the process themselves. 

We specialize in breast milk jewelry

We craft every keepsake with care and precision using high quality materials to keep your keepsake looking great for the years to come. We offer an array of breastmilk jewelry that is both stylish and practical, so you can wear your memories close to your heart.

breastmilk jewelry

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