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Sentimental Pendant

Original price ¥15,000 - Original price ¥29,300
Original price
¥15,000 - ¥29,300
Current price ¥15,000
    • 10x8 mm gem with your choice of inclusion 
    • Gem with child’s first haircut lock or umbilical cord
    • Sterling silver 925 or 9k yellow gold 
    • Different base colors: translucent base colors are harder to see the inclusion through, while the ones with some sparkle base colors are easier to see the contrast of your inclusion. If you have a special request feel free to contact us. 
    • The back of these are open so the light can shine through them making them great for hair and umbilical cord inclusions. 
    • The 9k yellow gold chain is 0.5mm thick. If you want a thicker chain you can contact us and we can arrange it for an extra fee.

Sparkle base color 

1. Light Blue
2. Red
3. Blue Green
4. Pink
5. Purple
6. Yellow
7. Blue
8. White

Translucent base color 

9. Pink
10. Green
11. Blue
12. Red
13. Purple

Other Information

Basic Care : 

Do not use hand sanitizer on any keepsakes. Please check our care instructions page for more details on how to care for your accessory.


Jewelry is warrantied for a year if care instructions are followed. Find more information on our polices page about warranty.

Policies and Terms:

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