What is breast milk jewelry? how to make Want to know more about the world of breast milk jewelry

by Kaliah Nishiyama

・Product value of breast milk jewelry ・

Breastfeeding jewelry has been trending and growing in popularity since the early 2000s. The stones used in breast milk jewelry are made from the customer's breast milk. Some people may feel resistance to hearing that, but for breastfeeding mothers, it is one of the good ways to preserve the fleeting memories that pass quickly. Breastfeeding accessories come in many shapes and sizes, and you can choose from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and more.
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What is Breastfeeding Jewelry? Does it rot?

The process of making breast milk jewelry begins with preserving the breast milk to protect it from spoilage. Every breastfeeding jewelry artist has their own preservation techniques. The technology can be as fast as one year, and in some cases even years. In the meantime, we practice by trying various things and verifying certainty. Breastfeeding jewelry making requires a difficult technique, so it is profound and interesting. Some people use as little as 5ml of breast milk, others use more, but if stored properly, the composition of breast milk will be fixed and it will not spoil.
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Breastfeeding Jewelry ~Benefits for moms who want to keep their memories vivid~

If we were to ask what breastfeeding jewelry is, it would be memorabilia. In English we call it a keepsake, which is a great item to reminisce about the things we loved and the fun we had. Mothers make breastfeeding accessories one of the most precious experiences in their lives and leave them as precious memories. It is very meaningful for moms to preserve the fleeting moments of breastfeeding in some form. Whether you're a mum missing her first chapter of motherhood or a mum celebrating her baby's weaning with joy, breastfeeding jewelry can serve as a reminder of how blessed motherhood is. increase.
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Breast Milk Jewelry in Japan Order at a workshop that treasures your memories

Sakura Milk Jewelry is an online shop in Japan that specializes in breast milk jewelry. As a special feature of our store, customers receive a video of the process in which their breast milk is stored. The creator of Sakura Milk Jewelry is a mother herself, so she knows how wonderful it is for customers to see this process through. We would appreciate it if you could feel closer to the production process of breast milk jewelry by watching the breast milk storage process. Sakura Milk Jewelry has a wide range of lineups from necklaces to rings , beads to brooches . Breastfeeding jewelry can be enjoyed even if you don't wear it often. For more information on Sakura Milk Jewelry, please visit our website .