A: After purchasing on our website, you will receive an email with the address and directions of where to send your breast milk in English and Japanese. If you cannot find the email, you should receive this email within 24 hours of purchase. Please check your spam folder or contact us and provide the information directly or resend the email.

A: You can add it to your order and have it all shipped together. Please wave the additional shipping fee. We will send you the discount code in your order confirmation email.

breastfeeding jewelry

A: Mother's milk jewelry is a special jewelry made just for you that has been infused with your breast milk. Rather than simply adding breast milk to make it, there is a delicate process that takes time and is different for each person.

A : We value the trust of our customers as well as the bond between mother and child. We will videotape the milk storage process and send a private link to the email address used during payment. We hope that by sharing this process, you will feel closer to our customers. In the unlikely event that you lose your private link, please let us know your order number and we will resend it to you. We will not share the saved video link with anyone but you. Breastfeeding jewelry is close to mothers as it is a symbol of their love for their babies. We love making breastfeeding accessories for our customers and would love to share our experience as much as we can.

A: Usually about 30ml (up to 4 items can be made) is required. You can send the exact amount or a little extra milk. We can produce even just 5ml, but please contact us in advance and pack it so that there is no leakage. Also, please let us know in advance when sending less than 10ml.

A: Each product is one-of-a-kind that looks like it came straight from the journey of breastfeeding. Some breast milk has a high fat content and cannot be broken down. Some are light, some are dark, and some are thin and finely powdered. Any type of breast milk is exactly what your baby needed while you were breastfeeding. We shape the essence of breast milk and preserve memories.

A: Each piece is made by hand. It's not machine made, so it's not perfect, but it's a one-of-a-kind piece. Even if you make the same thing twice, it will never be the same. For example, colors and shapes may vary slightly. Also, even if the same breast milk is used, the color depth and color may differ. We do our best to protect the original appearance of breast milk. Also, since it is made by hand, it may contain small air bubbles. Even if there is such a feature, it does not affect the longevity of the work. We take pride in making each piece and come with a warranty, please see our warranty information on our terms page.

A: Yes, if you have multiple children and happen to have both breast milk batches, you can mix and store them. You can also use one child's breast milk per piece if you prefer separate pieces. For breastfeeding multiple children, please contact us in advance.

A: Yes, we will add others only if you choose.


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A: For the safety and health of our customers, we do not sell kits that you can make yourself. Some of the materials used in breastfeeding jewelry can be very dangerous to you and your family. I wear a special mask when I work, and I have a special ventilation system in my workshop.

Another reason is that my work is created using special tools and techniques for jewelry making. I spent months learning the craft from other memorabilia artists and at jewelry school.
I use an entire room for all these materials, tools, and equipment, and I can't work on a table or a makeshift workspace.

Sakura Milk Jewelry offers two types of milled opal: Belo Opal (synthetic) and Ethiopian Opal (gem quality AAA). Bello Opal is a great choice for your gems to have a pronounced effect, as it is highly visible in color. Ethiopian opal, on the other hand, has a faint glow that can be seen in direct light.

A: Yes, you can add your child's hair on most of our products.

A: Cutting a child's hair for the first time is a big deal for most parents. In America, it is very fashionable to leave a lock of hair as a keepsake to remember the first milestone in a child's life.

A: Yes, we can make all kinds of keepsakes. For example, pet hair memorabilia, a child's first haircut, or flowers for preservation. If you have a request that is not on the list, please contact us. Most of the products featured on our site can be made into other keepsakes upon request.

A: Please see this page for creators.

umbilical cord

A: You can turn a small piece of umbilical cord that has dried off from your baby's belly button into jewelry as a treasured keepsake. This is because it is difficult to store as it is, and it is easy to get moldy in the humidity of Japan, and it is small and easy to lose. Also, if you keep it in an umbilical cord case, it is rarely seen, and that case also takes up space for keepsakes. The umbilical cord connects us to the baby in the womb. You may feel a little sad if something happens while you are storing it. Some cultures believe that if you keep your baby's umbilical cord nearby, when a child approaches or you get old, something lovely and loving will come back to you.

A: Yes, many of our product listings have this option.

A: There are no special conditions, but in order to prevent loss, please make sure that the delivery can be tracked. Please refer to the following for the packing method. This way

A: No, you can send us all or part of what you want. It doesn't matter if it's a few details. However, if you would like to combine the entire umbilical cord into one keepsake, please find a suitable size keepsake and let us know. If you send us the whole umbilical cord and some of it is left over, it will be carefully packed and returned to you along with the keepsake.

A: You will receive an email with your address within 24 hours after purchase. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please feel free to contact us so that we can resend the email or provide you with the necessary information. Please also check your spam box just in case.