Terms of service


Any damage that is a result of misuse or not following the jewelry care instructions we are not liable for. If your piece arrives damaged we will fix or replace it without any fee if you contact us within 2 weeks. If you follow our jewelry care instructions and do not misuse your piece and it is damaged we will also cover fixing or replacing it within a year. To do this you will need to contact us to let us know what is wrong and we will check if it is a result of miss care. (We may examine and decide if it is misuse. If it is not misuse we will fix it with no fee.)  After a year we are not liable for any damage or fixing. This does not mean we can not fix your piece if you accidentally damage or misuse it. It simply means we may charge shipping, time, and material fees to do so if we can fix it. We might not be able to fix all damages so please follow the jewelry care instructions. You may contact us if you have questions about any of our policies or terms.


Payment is made before making your order. We have to set aside time and supplies for every order. After payment if you purchase a piece with an inclusion we will send you an email with the address to send the inclusion to. For more on shipping visit our shipping policy page. 

Processing Time

The time from when you purchase to when your item ships may vary as this is a made to order service. When we have our usual order flow (excluding holidays or times we have an announcement bar to notify you) check order processing time on the Order Status page.  They may take longer or shorter. If we are delayed we will email you to let you know and you are welcome to contact us. Please refer to our shipping policy for more information. 

Refunds and Cancelations

I set aside materials and time for every order so if you have not contacted us within 24 hours about cancelation and do not send any communication within 3 months or do not intend to sent inclusions needed for  your purchase we will charge a 20% cancelation (time and supply holding fee) for your order. I much rather make your jewelry and understand things happen so if you are delayed or need to change things let us know. Visit our Refund policy for information on refunds.

Breastmilk Preservation Process Video 

Since starting Sakura Milk Jewelry we always send the client a video of their breastmilk preservation. This is something we are proud that we can take the extra time to do keeping the mother connected with the process and her breastmilk. After a lot of research we have found thee best way to do this is by an unlisted youtube video link. We value your privacy and never share your video with anyone but you (Although you are free to show your friends and family if you please on your own) If at any time this makes you uncomfortable please contact us and we will remove your video or not make one. An unlisted youtube video is not visible by search only by link so if you do choose to keep it there we will not delete it and if you loose the link you can contact us with your name or order number and we will give you the link again. 



At Sakura Milk Jewelry we specialize in memorial jewelry within Japan. Breastmilk jewelry, umbilical cords, hair, flowers, pets fur, name or motherhood jewelry, and more. When purchasing something with an inclusion you will need to pay to send the inclusion to us. Please be careful and aware we are not liable for any loss in the mail if your inclusion is precious and the last of it please contact us and also send it with tracking. 



As stated in our services we deal a lot with inclusions. We handle each inclusion carefully. Always labeling and sanitizing tools we use in our process.


  • Breastmilk inclusions we store away if there is any left over incase any troubles arise or you may want to order again. We keep breastmilk 1 year, then we may discard it. (We do not always have leftover if you are uncomfortable with the idea of this you may contact us to arrange a mutual agreement before purchase. By purchasing you are agreeing to these terms.) We never use a clients breastmilk for anything but their order.
  • For all other inclusions we send back whatever we do not use. 


Sakura Milk Jewelry is a small growing business. Sometimes our prices fluctuate. We try not to change prices unless we have to but be aware that sometimes prices may rise. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about any sales, discounts, news or special releases we may have.



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