Customer feedback


The design is cute and the size of the pearl is perfect and I am satisfied.


It was a very cute jewelry. The email was polite and quick, and I was able to leave it to you with confidence! On the way, they will send you a video and you can see how it is processed into jewelry.

The jewelry that arrived was very cute and really nice! It's well packed and comes with a cute bag. I don't usually wear jewelry, so I made this as a souvenir and am very satisfied. Thank you for the wonderful jewelry and memories.


It was after my children were weaned that I learned about breastfeeding jewelry. I was very disappointed that I could not get it myself, but I gave a gift card to my dear friend as a baby gift. The friend who received it was very happy and showed me a video of the work process until the jewelry was completed, which was sent by Sakura Milk Jewelry. After completion, he wears it every day and cherishes it. I would like to give a gift card when another friend gives birth. thank you very much.

Kayo Tokumaru

Thank you for making such wonderful jewelry. The graduation day was approaching, and I requested this because I wanted to leave a form of happy time with my child. The moment I opened the box, I was impressed by the cute wrapping! The important earrings are even cuter and more beautiful than I imagined, and I'm really happy that my memories were made into a wonderful shape. I want to cherish it with my memories. thank you very much.