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Shipping Policy

We only offer shipping within Japan right now.

Free Shipping on Orders over ¥24,000

Shipping Rates

  • Yamato Compact - ¥800 ( Except for Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kyushu -¥900 ) Signature required and handed to you during delivery. Can select time of day or days of week that is best to receive. (Best for fragile items) 
  • Letter Pack Plus ¥520 : signature required, only orders ¥5,000 and under (not for fragile items)
  • Orders over ¥24,000 have free shipping (Yamato)

You will get an email with your tracking information when it ships. 

You need to pay on your own to ship your breastmilk, umbilical cord or other inclusions to us if you ordered pieces including them.

For how long will it take to make your order refer to Q7 on the Q&A page 

We added the option "Packaging 包装" to choose to have less plastic in your packaging. If you choose the plastic-less option the desiccant will be the only plastic and we will use woven, cloth or paper materials to package your order. As mothers we strive to do our best to make the best future for our children which is why I have added this so you can opt out of having excess plastic in your packaging if you would like. For those who choose this option, many thanks! 



Shipping Your Breastmilk or Inclusions 

Buyer needs to pay to send their breastmilk or inclusion themselves. After checkout you will receive an email within 24 hours with where to ship your inclusion to. It may take a few hours to receive. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours please contact us after checking your spam folder.

We recommend sending breastmilk by cool ta-q-bin . If only other inclusions then letter pack plus. You can read more about how to ship other inclusions on the bottom of this page. 

Please note the estimated processing time to finish orders is from when you send your inclusion.

IMPORTANT: Write clearly on the bag/container of your breastmilk or inclusion your order number. We will tell you your order number after purchasing in the shipping email. Not doing so may delay your order.


  • 15-30 ml for 2 pieces
  • 30 ml of breastmilk for up to 3 pieces
  • 50 ml for up to 4 pieces

You can send a little more breastmilk if you like or exactly. We can work with less if you contact us (5ml and up) 


  • about 1mm thick of hair any length is fine under 6cm

Umbilical Cord

  • Any amount you want of the little dried up part that falls off your babies belly button (If you specifically want us to use it all please contact us so we know or if you want it as one piece and not broken up) 

Flowers (upon request before ordering)

  • If you want more than one flower you can send up to 3 different flowers if they are small than 5, we will send you back any left over (they can be fresh, we have a nice flower press but please contact us)

OTHER: I am open to many types of inclusions, being in Japan I am unsure what customers may seek but I have worked with ashes and pet hair (memorial). You can contact us if you have a specific request.

Picture instructions for shipping inclusions to us


What shipping carrier to use for breastmilk and how

I highly recommending to ship to us by yamato cool ta-q-bin. The color of the breastmilk keeps very well and they treat it carefully. Frozen or chilled breastmilk is fine, Yamato does have rules on how long it needs to be the temperature before pick up. Pickup can be arranged by phone or on their website linked below.

Yamato rules on how long items need to be cold before shipping.

  • Fridge type it needs to have been at least 10 celsius for at least 6 hours before shipping 
  • Freezer type at least 12 hours at -15 celsius or lower before shipping

(Sakura Milk Jewelry is located in Kanagawa)

Yamato Cool Ta-Q-Bin English Site

Yamato Japanese Site 

Shipping for other Inclusions (umbilical cord/hair/other) with breastmilk keepsakes 

If you purchase breastmilk jewelry/keepsakes with it you can add it to the cool ta-q-bin package of course zip bagged and separated so that if your breastmilk leaks it doesn't contaminate the other inclusion.  Always label your inclusions with your order number clearly on the bag. 


Regular Mail for Breastmilk:  We want your keepsake to be the best it can be and reflect your breastfeeding journey this is why we recommend cool taqbin. You would risk having to ship your breastmilk again if it comes rotten, gets lost or leaks. Let us know ahead if you plan to send by regular mail and understand the risks, which we are not liable for. 


If we do not recieve any inclusions needed for making your order and we do not get any replies from you after 3 months we will cancel your order. All canceled orders have a 20% cancelation fee. By purchasing you agree to our policies. We want to make your pieces and would rather hear from you if you are having any delays and make your order.