Metal ring size tool introduction page

by Kaliah Nishiyama
Metal ring size tool introduction
Looking for a way to check your finger size at home? The metal ring sizing tool is the easiest way to measure at home. For accuracy, we recommend measuring at a jewelry store. Non-professional metal ring sizing tools can have an error of a few millimeters. Also, finger size changes depending on the season and weather, and some people may wear one size larger in the summer and one size smaller in the winter. Not everyone will see this change in size, but the key is to measure in a temperature that you feel comfortable with. It is also recommended that you take into account changes in finger size when wearing rings.
metal ring size tool
1. Metal ring size Please try on your finger in order from the largest ring on the tool to find the size that is most comfortable to wear. A size that is too tight or that comes off easily is not suitable for your fingers. The right size should be comfortable. Once you have found the correct size, proceed to step 2.
metal ring size tool
2. When removing the ring, it is desirable that the second joint is slightly caught and that the ring can be removed by turning it left and right with your finger extended. The size is not suitable for difficult removal. Depending on the finger, it may be difficult to swell or it may swell easily. Choose a size that is comfortable to wear and does not come off while you are wearing it.
OK Did you find your ring size? congratulations!
* Even with the same finger, the left and right hands have different sizes. Be sure to measure the finger of the hand on which you will wear the ring.
Also, please be aware that the size of the ring may change depending on the season, temperature and humidity. In general, fingers swell and increase in size in summer, and contract and decrease in size in winter.
Please consider the above and find out the best size for you. If you are not sure about the size yourself, I would definitely recommend checking with a jewelry store.