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What is the packaging method for shipping?

Write your order number on two zip bags (one for breast milk). Fill one of the two bags with breast milk and zip it up, then put it inside the other bag and close that too. Make sure there is no air in it and that the zip is closed all the way. Next, wrap the outside with cushioning material such as newspaper or bubble wrap and put it in the box. If you have other items to put in your jewelry (hair, umbilical cord, etc.), please separate the bags and include your order number. Please use cool delivery or chilled delivery for delivery. We will notify you by email when the package arrives at our store. In order to preserve the color of breast milk, it is stored in a freezer until it enters the storage process.

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Items such as hair and umbilical cords should be sorted by type and placed in a zip-lock bag (with the order number specified). Place two tissues on top of each other, place the item in the middle, fold the sides, and wrap the contents to prevent spillage. Once in the bag, gently squeeze the air out, zip it up, pack and ship. We will let you know as soon as the package arrives safely at our store.

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