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Q1: What is breast milk jewelry?

A: Breastmilk jewelry is jewelry infused with your breastmilk. We do not just simply pour breastmilk into it, it is a delicate process with some waiting involved. We first take the breastmilk carefully, measure it out and mix it with some preservatives. We heat it up until it becomes a nice paste. After this we gently set it aside in a labeled open container to dry. It can take two to five days for it to dry. Then dry we grind it into a powder and add it into your jewelry.

Q2: How do I know that my breastmilk is in my breastmilk jewelry?

A : We value your trust as well as the bond between mother and child. During the breastmilk preservation process, we will take a video and send you the unlisted (private link) to the email address you used during checkout. We enjoy sharing this part of the process, as it is a way you can feel connected with the process. If at any time you lose the private link to the video you can let us know your order number and we will recover it for you. We never share your preservation video link with anyone but you. Breastmilk jewelry is intimate for a mother, as it’s a symbol of her love for her baby. We find joy in making your breastmilk accessory and sharing the experience with you when we can.  

Q3: How much breastmilk do you need?

A:Normally, about 30 ml (up to 4 products can be made). You can send us the exact amount or a little extra breastmilk. Although it is possible to craft your keepsake with only 5 ml, please contact us in advance if you send under 10ml and pack it so that there is no leakage. 

Q4: How do I know where to send my breastmilk?

A:After making a purchase on our website, you will receive an email in English and Japanese with the address and directions of where to send your breastmilk. If you can not find the email, you should receive this email within 24 hours of purchase. Please check your spam folder, if you still can not find it contact us and we will provide the information directly or resend the email. 

Q5: How can I send breast milk?

A : Shipping policy, Please refer to here.

Q6: Is there anything I need to know before buying breastmilk jewelry?

A : Each piece is made by hand. It's not perfect because it's not machine-made, but it's unique. Even if we make the same thing twice, it will not be the same. For example, the color and shape may be slightly different.  We are do our best to protect the true nature of breastmilk. Also, because it is made by hand, it may contain small bubbles. Even with these characteristics, it does not affect the life of your jewerly. We take pride in every piece and have a year guarantee, If you want to learn more about our warranty information please click here.

Q7: How long does it take?

A:For current processing times check our order status page.


Q8: What makes every breastmilk piece so different if you use the same process?

A : Each piece is uniquely like the breastfeeding journey it came from.Some breastmilk has a higher fat content and it doesn't grind as fine. Some are brighter, some are darker, others are thinner making it a fine powder. Every type is exactly what your baby needed during the time you produced it. We capture the essence of your breastmilk, and preserve the memory.

Q9: How to care for my jewelry?

A : How to care for jewelry Please refer to here. 

Q10: Is it possible to make a piece using breastmilk from different breastfeeding journeys (two kids)?

A:Yes, if you have multiple children and you happen to have both breastmilk batches, we can mix them into your piece or if you want to have multiple pieces separately, you can also use one child's milk for each piece. Please contact us in advance for breastmilk for multiple children. 

Q11: Why don't you provide the kit?

A:The hardening part of making DNA jewelery is very toxic until it dries. For you, your kids, pets, and loved ones nearby. We are a family-owned business, we value our families and we are our clients' loved ones.

We also professionally set and make the settings for your jewelry.


Q12: I placed an order, but I would like to add it to my order. Is that okay?

A:You can add it to your order and ship it all together without additional shipping charges by letting us know so we can give you a special code to take away the shipping fee.

Q13: Is it possible to make breast milk accessories that are colored only with breastmilk?

A : Yes, we will add other additions only if you choose. 

Q14: What is gem effect as an option for breastmilk gems?

A : It is easiest to understand " Gem effect" as small addtions that can add effects to your gem. The color of every breastmilk gem is made by the breastmilk. However, it looks stylish by adding effects such as glitter and pearl shine. Your breast milk is always the star of the show, as we only add a small amount of effect when requested.

The pearly base gives the jewelry a three-dimensional look and luster. Glitter (glitter) is studded with silver flakes on the top to give it a moon-like glow. The gold option uses 22k gold leaf / flakes. Please refer to Q21 for opal options.

Q15: Can I check the order status?

A : Yes. Using your order number stated in the order confirmation email. On the Order Status Page you can find out your order status. 


Umbilical cord jewelry Q & A

Q16: What are umbilical cord accessories? Why would you want it?

A:The little dark thing that dried up and fell off your baby's belly button, we can take that and turn it into a keepsake. They can be hard to store and easy to get moldy in Japanese humidity. They are also small and easy to lose. When stored in an umbilical cord box we rarely see them and the box takes up a lot of space. The umbilical cord is what connects our babies to us in the womb, it may feel a little sad if you have it yet something happens to it. We have been told in some cultures they believe keeping your baby's umbilical cord close will keep your child close and that even in old age they will come back to you. Of course in a loving, nice way.

Q17: How can I ship the baby's umbilical cord?

A : It is your choice what carrier or way you feel most comfortable shipping your babies umbilical cord. For information on how to package it, refer to our post about how to package here. 

Q18: Do you need the entire umbilical cord?

A:No, you can send us just a piece of it. We do not mind just adding some. Let us know if you want your entire umbilical cord piece as one put into a keepsake so we can find the right size keepsake for your umbilical cord. If we have leftovers after, we will carefully package it with your keepsake and ship it back to you when we are all done.

Q19: Can I add an umbilical cord to my breastmilk accessories?

A : Yes, many of our product listings have this option.

Q20 : How do I know where to ship my umbilical cord?

A:You will receive an email with the address to ship to within 24 hours of purchase. If you do not receive the email within 24 hours, also check your junk mail box just in case.Feel free to contact us  if you still can not find it, so we can resend the email. 


Q21: What kind of opal is the optional "crushed opal"?

A : Sakura Milk Jewelry offers two types of crushed opal additions. Bello opal (synthetic) and Ethiopian Opal (real AAA quality). Bello opal is brighter and easier to see, it is best for an obvious opal effect on your gem, while Ethiopian opal has more subtle touch and it may take the light shining directly on it to see.

Q22: Is it possible to add children's hair to the product?

A : Yes, most products allow you to add your child's hair. 

Q23: Why would you want to add your childs hair to jewelry?

A : Cutting a child's hair for the first time is a big event for most parents. In the United States, it is very popular to save a bundle from the first haircut as a souvenir to remember the first milestone of a child's life. 

 Q24: Can Sakura Milk Jewelry make other keepsakes?

A : Yes, we can make various kinds of keepsakes. For example, pet hair souvenirs, children's first haircuts, preservative flowers, memorial jewelry etc. If you have a request, even if it's not on the list, please contact us. Most of the products on this site can be made into other keepsakes upon request.


Other important information:

The email address you used to make your purchase is important, we will send you the breastmilk shipping information and breastmilk preservation video to that email, so please use an email you can check.Tracking information will also be sent by email. If you have any problems using email, please contact us. I understand that navigating email can be difficult and you can update it in Messenger.