About delivery after purchase

Please send it to the address stated in the email.

(Please address to Karaia Nishiyama)

  • Label the bag or container clearly with the order number.
  • You can find your order number in your order confirmation email or shipping method email.
    If the order number is not labeled, it will take time to confirm and the production may be delayed significantly. .
  • Make sure it is tightly sealed.
  • When sending breast milk, please write "milk" in the shipping label. When sending hair or umbilical cords, please write "accessory material" in the shipping label.
  • There is no specific delivery date or delivery time.

  • breast milk

    Double packing: Put the zipped bag containing breast milk into another zipped bag. As a countermeasure in case of leakage.

    Shipped by Cool TA-Q-BIN/Chilled Yu-Pack: It can be refrigerated or frozen, but please put it in the refrigerator/freezer for at least 6 hours before sending.

    If you order 1 to 3 small or 1 medium size, please send 10 to 30 ml of breast milk. 15mm breast milk jewelry should be medium size. (If the amount of breast milk that can be sent is less than this standard, please contact us. We may be able to create a smaller amount.)
    For 3-6 small size or a combination of large sizes, please send 30-50ml of breast milk.
    In either case, it doesn't matter if you send more.

    hair (hair)

    • For hair, the recommended thickness is about 1mm, and the length should be less than 6cm. It is also possible with downy hair.

    umbilical cord

    • Any slightly dry amount that falls from the baby's belly button is possible.

    Within 4 weeks after we receive your breast milk, we will send you a video that converts/saves your breast milk into jewelry base, so please check your email.

    Production period: Please refer to here for the current estimated period from receipt of materials (breast milk, etc.) to delivery of the product.

    Order status: Please check the production and progress of the product you purchased from " Check your order status " in the center of the top page and check your "order number".

    Additional Orders: If you would like to make additional purchases, we can add up the shipping costs within a week of receiving the breast milk. To apply this, enter the discount code ADD at the time of purchase and it will be automatically added to your current order

    If you have any questions, feel free to email us. info@sakuramilkjewelry.com

    English Shipping Instructions